About Seth

seth-thomas-matsonSeth Thomas Matson, a self-taught neo-expressionist / ocean artist, resides and draws his inspiration in Surf City USA. Raised in Huntington Beach, Cali, Seth enjoys art in all forms and is constantly experimenting in painting, drawing, printing, ceramics, and photography. 

“I enjoy art that makes me think,” says Matson. His vitality, optimism, and spirituality are captured by bold colors, inventive textures, and encoded messages throughout his work. Heavily influenced by Surfing, Music, Basquiat, Picasso, Pollock, Warhol & Fulltimehuman, Matson loves experimenting with “nontraditional” painting tools like his hands & feet, recycled toothbrushes and different types of plastics found at local beach cleanups.

Seth currently runs his own Graphic Design Studio (Matson Graphics.com) in Downtown Huntington Beach. In recent years, Seth sat on the board for the local Surfrider Chapter. In his free time, he enjoys surfing and hanging out at the beach with his family and friends.

Seth started a non-profit foundation called Drains to Ocean and currently donates all his free time to promoting it for the environment.


For inquiries about original and/or custom artwork for sale please contact
Seth @ 714-596-5019 0r info(at)matsongraphics.com

Seth Thomas Matson Art is located in Huntington Beach – Orange County, CA